BBS Cables Ltd.

Open Date: 23-May-2017
Close Date: 04-Jun-2017

Face Value: 10.00
Offer Value: 10.00
Premium: 0.00
Lot: 500
EPS: 2.46
NAV: 16.87 as on June 30, 2016
Authorized Capital: 3000000000
Pre- IPO Paid-up Capital: 1000000000
Foreign Currency required for NRB and Foreign Applicants (per lot) USD 61.58 or GBP 47.99 or EUR 56.74
About the Company:
The Company was incorporated in 12 April, 2009 as a ‘Private’ Company limited by shares and registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms of Bangladesh under the Companies Act, 1994. Subsequently, the company has changed its status from Private to Public limited on 31 January, 2015. It has started its commercial production in the year 2011. BBS Cables Ltd. is looking forward to managing expertise and obtaining technology to provide better engineering solutions through supplying quality electrical Cables, Wires, Conductors and better Customer Service. Now at the eve of the 21st century globalization, electric power has become an integral part for infrastructural development. With the rapid urbanization from corner to corner worldwide, the necessity of transmitting power assumes significant for sustainable industrial growth. So, our objective is to manufacture electrical Cables, Wires and Conductors of the highest quality to contribute to our national economic growth. Which is equipped with state of the art technology machineries to manufacture and test all types of quality Cables, Wires and Conductors and also meet up the specific requirements of the
Major Product:
Aluminum Cables, Silicon Cables, Power Cables, Railway Signaling Cables, Jelly-filled Cables, FRLS Cables, Submersible Cables, Flexible Cables, Tele-communication Cables, Copper Cables, Optical Fiber Cables, HR-FRLS Cables, Rubber Cables, Welding Cables, Auto mobiles Cables, Coaxial Cables & Fire Resistance Cables.
Use of IPO Proceeds:
Issue Manager:
Banco Finance and Investment Limited & ICB Capital Management Limited
Ahmed Zaker & Co.
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