3 Foods That Will Keep Your Lever Healthy

Lever is one of the most important human organ and an adult person’s liver weighted 3 pounds. The liver is involved in many important works in our body, for example, the power of digestion, metabolism, increase immunity, nutrition creation in the body.

Healthy liver controls the body’s blood flow, get out harmful toxins from the blood and provides all the nutrients to the body. Liver stores vitamin, iron, and common sugar glucose also.

Since the liver is an important part of our body, we have to keep it healthy. Unhealthy living creates a bad effect on our lives. Weight gain, heart disease, long time to feel fatigue, digestive problems, allergies, etc. all of these diseases can arise due to an ill liver. So, to keep the body and liver healthy, recognize some foods that will make your liver healthy.



Garlic is good for the liver to keep clean. Garlic contains enzymes which clean harmful toxic element from the liver. Garlic has two elements named allicin and selenium, which makes the liver to be cleaned and protects from harmful toxic elements.

  1. Eat 2/3 garlic pieces every day at any time
  2. According to doctor’s advice, you can eat vitamin made with garlic.



Antioxidant elements of lemon help the liver to be cleaned and D-Limonene element activates enzymes in the liver. Moreover, vitamin C of the lemon produces more enzymes useful for the energy of digestion. The mineral of lemon strengthens the power to absorb the nutrients of the liver. Drink lemon water at home and keep the lemon water ready to drink anytime. Drink lemon water every day and you can also mix honey with it.



Eat one apple every day, which makes the liver healthy. Pectin and fiber element of apple clear toxins from the digestive tract and keeps cholesterol away from the blood and make the liver healthy also. There are some elements of apple like malic acid, which removes harmful toxins from blood in a natural way. Any kind of apple is good for the liver. Eat at least one apple every day to keep the liver healthy.

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